Kniferchiefs are the next step in hanky evolution. They combine a cotton front with a microfiber back. This combination allows standard hanky functions with the ability to clean or polish your gear. Both styles have the original stitched grommet in the corner. This allows clipping it to a bag or running a lanyard thru it. Phone screen dirty and grimy? Knife dirty from hard use or cutting your steak? Watch face have smudges? Baby need burping? Out to eat and forgot the babies bib? A Handy Hank can handle it all.

The Cloth style has a thin microfiber polishing cloth back while the Towel style has a thicker microfiber towel. Both are great for pocket carry but most will find the EDC style better for that.

The Towel style was designed mainly to store in a bag or leave in the car option. It also makes a great golf towel and general cleaning cloth.

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